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Fixed Dentures
Dentures are used in place of missing teeth for the purpose of proper chewing, protection of the gums, improvement in speech, and for aesthetic reasons. There are many types of dentures depending on their structure and design. Two of the common types include removable and fixed dentures This results in fewer teeth being damaged by the drill.
Full Removable Dentures Full dentures are still the most common restoration used today for edentulous (no teeth present) patients. Full dentures are plastic plates custom-made to fit each individual. It is made from pink acrylic simulating gum tissue and plastic or porcelain teeth, custom set for each patient. The name full denture or complete denture this restoration gets from it's function: it substitutes the full dentition on the patient's jaw
Fixed dentures on their own appear just like any other dentures except that they are fixed with small metal posts. These posts are inserted into metal devices which are implanted into one’s jaw. As you know, the typical dentures requires removal before bed and must be secured using some form of solvent—which sometimes has to be applied multiple times throughout the day. Because a fixed denture locks into metal sockets within one’s gums and jaw, they are quite permanent when it comes to everyday use. Rarely does this type of denture come out on its own. They are highly secure and often enable people to eat things that they normally wouldn’t with the everyday loose denture
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